This is my big fear: buying a lemon

So far we’ve been very fortunate, each vehicle was been wonderful. Our last car we searched almost a year for. When we finally found the perfect fit to what we wanted, we were shocked that this particular car was less than we’d been finding from other dealers, and it had more options, brand spanking new tires, and was even the color we wanted. We’re still happy with the car today. Best of luck!
I called back to the dealer to confirm tomorrow because it was such a long drive. Another salesman who knew I had 7 kids to said if I was him I wouldn’t buy that car. He said he knew he drove it not long ago and the motor was skipping. So we passed on it. Bummer ! My dad and DH are going to check out a well maintained Suburban that fell into our lap randomly today. It has all service records and has space for a 4th row if we need it. I am not looking to spend a fortune. I got two teenagers who will be going to college in the near future. Maybe this will pan out