Sneaky ways to make your paycheck go further

Is your paycheck getting you comfortably from month to month or is it hard to resist that cash loan, payday advance, or credit card at the end of each month? Even if your current paycheck isn’t huge, there are plenty of ways from Solidcashsolutions to make it go further:

1) Rethink your living arrangements. Your rent is likely the biggest expense you have. Consider renting to own or look for a smaller place or roommate. Paying less for rent is one of the easiest ways to create more wiggle room in your paycheck.

Sneaky ways to make your paycheck go further from Solidcashsolutions2) Reconsider your insurance. Pay less for auto insurance and check to make sure you’re not paying double for the same coverage. Make sure you’re covered but refuse to pay a penny more than you need to for premiums.

3) Look for cheaper alternatives. You can shop at consignment shops and avoid new clothes. You can dine out at smaller restaurants rather than larger, more expensive establishments. You can join a car share group rather than drive your own vehicle. There are plenty of ways to slash your living expenses. Just open your eyes up to all the options available.

4) See cash in your junk. Are you living with clutter? Get rid of some old DVDs, CDs, books, and gear you never use. Sell it off and put the proceeds into an emergency fund. You’ll live more comfortably and you’ll have money in an emergency.

Your grocery bill is likely a major expense on your budget, but there are plenty of ways to slash what you pay for your food. Here are the best tricks:

1) Don’t pay for convenience. Many of the things that increase your grocery bill are more expensive because they are more convenient. For example, if you are buying shredded cheese, you are paying several times more than you would to buy a block of cheese. Buy the block and grate it yourself. Baking potatoes already wrapped in foil are another major culprit. Buy simpler cuts of meat and cut them yourself and stay way from pre-packaged convenience foods and frozen dinners – it’s always cheaper to make your own.

2) Don’t pay for nice packaging. In any grocery aisle, look up and down. This is where the bulk-packaged items are. These are often priced even lower than brand-name “sale” items.

3) Buy in season or frozen. Seasonal produce is fresher, more nutritious, and cheaper. Anything that’s not out of season, look for it frozen or canned. You’ll save money and get the same nutritional kick. If you like meats, look for frozen meats, which are often cheaper than fresh.

4) Find alternatives to the grocery store. You can often save money by shopping at farmer’s markets, pick your own farms, and through farmer co-ops. You may enjoy better quality food, too. Plus, you’ll be supporting local farmers.

5) Don’t forget to check out our guide to slashing all your bills. Now that you’re saving a bundle on food, you’ll be eager to save even more on all your expenses.

Living above your means in Florida is a sure-fire way to run up credit card debt, get dependant on payday loans in FL, and generally ruin your credit rating with plenty of personal loans and debts. Living below your means allows you to set money aside and build your emergency fund – even live debt free – but many people associate living below their means with deprivation. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Many of the things you pay money for right now you would not miss if you replaced them with something else. For example, if you spend money on a magazine or newspaper subscription, you can save your money and still get your reading – just read the newspaper online or your magazines at the library. Or, share a subscription with a friend or neighbor.

Just about everything in your life has a thrifty solution. Make a list of everything you spend money on right now and find ways to cut your bills by at least 33%-50%. It’s easier than you think. Don’t just look for things to cut out of your life – you can enjoy the same things you enjoy right now, just for less. You can still go on vacation – just choose a less expensive place to go or swap houses instead of staying in a hotel. You can still watch lots of movies, but try to go on cheapie nights or rent from the library for free. You could save hundreds of dollars each month without giving up a thing.