OK, just play along with my questions..

Have you seriously considered the following?

At what age do you begin seriously planning for retirement?
At what age do you begin to seriously think about your health in retirement?
What if your health deteriorates, what provisions do you have for your care as you get older?

I think some people tend to only consider the money needed for retirement or have come to the conclusion that they never will retire, but very few have conversations around their health as they age..

If you’re following Maurice’s plan, you save 15%

Why do you feel guilty? Maybe because you know that you are only counting that match into your retirement to justify getting that sunroom a month or so sooner due to the extra you’ll have to throw at that budget item. That you are shortcutting your future finances by taking that extra 3% today for things that you want to do.

Keep in mind that most companies have a vesting plan on the match. Meaning that you must be employed by them for a certain amount of time before you get the complete match. So if you leave that company in three years voluntarily or not you may only get 50% of the matched monies.