Last week was ….. interesting.

Being the first full week of January, post holiday, it was time to really dive back into the planning and spreadsheets and calculations to figure out what we had on the immediate horizon for farm production (ie, income production) for 2013. While I had already been working on that stuff prior to last week, I was far enough along with my numbers to start figuring out how much of this and how much of that would earn what amount of gross and net income. On top of that I had just filled out the Debt Snowball spreadsheet with the rest of our debts, now that we know our tax bill and now that we’ve paid off a few of the smaller bills during our first full year after DR. You know how the years are measured in either BC or AD? Now I have an alternate meaning for those terms: “Before Cash” and “After Dave”. So now that we’re starting 2AD, I wanted to start the year with a bang. Get that snowball calculated, get this year’s income calculated, and then get busy raising food for the county, and food for the gazelles.
Unfortunately, being the driven Type A that I am, I pushed too hard in all my planning categories, figuring “well, sure I can do the work of three people! Why not? That’s what caffiene is for!” (oh, the mind games we play with ourselves when we see something we really want). By about Wednesday morning I had worked myself into such a tizzy over the debt snowball and 2013 earnings, that I had our little farm producing enough food to feed 1/3 the continental USA, and I’d be working 23.932 of every 24 hours to grow it. And it still wasn’t enough to get that snowball where I wanted it. Also on Wednesday, because the Universe has impeccable timing, we found out that my DH is probably going back on OT for at least some of the time during 2013. That revelation came about 30 minutes after I realized I’d need a lot more of his help to raise all that food to generate all that income. Suffice to say yours truly hit the proverbial brick wall at about 50mph on Wednesday afternoon, and sprouted one heckuva migraine. Wednesday night was not a good one.