If you have a cards with a $500 or less

the min payment it $15 or higher, more than the 3 or 4 % of the balance. so if you have 4 cards with $100 balance on it, the min payment will be at least $15 (15% payment) that is a min payment of $60 where as one card with $400 balance will have a min payment of $16 (4%payment). so in this scenario, the first person would be paying $44 more than the second, but both are paying the min payments.

Karen has quite a few account that are pretty small, so this will come into play, not as dramatic as the example, but the same concept is there.

with Dave’s plan, we are not really worried much about the interest rate, but more worried about reducing the number of accounts faster, to get the “at-a-boy” experience.