I just have a cell phone and no internet.

Cable is a touchy subject. We did just switch from Time Warner at $80 a month to Dish that is $40. Dh is all on board yet, so I can only cut certain places out. If we can’t go out then we have to have something is his reasoning.
We could cut groceries more – like I said we rarely spend more than $70 – $75 a week. But as above – more severing is difficult. At least at $100 budgeted groceries, we have some “blow” left.
Gas is a place I worry about also. With my business, I’ll be driving a ton more than I used to. Aldi’s is only a couple miles down the road and other than that, dh drives to and from work and I drive to preschool to work to preschool to home. And that’s it. But like I said, it’s going to go up. I can deduct my miles for business, but that doesn’t help me now.
I think bottom line is we need more money coming in. I’ve pushed dh as far as he’s willing to go at this point in cutting costs. Once I get some $$ coming in things will be easier.
I don’t mean to shoot down everything.