I wrote up a list

of legitimate wah companies about a year ago for this list. I don’t want to recreate that list but you’d be able to find it in the archives. We talked at that time about some of the companies on that list because a few folks here either were still, or had already, worked for a […]

I would never ever pay to work

It’s one thing if you’re asked to bring your own tools to a job, like a carpenter who has to supply his own toolbox or a contractor who has to use their own laptop. But you’re being asked to buy something that has **zero** value to you.That screams scam to me. And it sounds like […]

I’m tending to think “scam” as well.

But to give them a chance to redeem themselves, I would suggest you ask the company for a list of current employees or contractors who are using the software, and can speak to the experience they’ve had. I would hope and expect that if the company is legit, they’d be OK with that and give […]

Hello, I need to know

if anyone has any information/experience with crystal run health care? I have been offered a wah pt position (to supplement my ft day job) with them. The interviewer (online interview) said that they require a software purchase (that is supposed to be reimbursed at a later date) in order to provide me with a preloaded […]

I have had several “let’s be real” conversations

about how much debt we’re going to try to pay back this year, how much production we’re realistically able to pull off, and how much we have detested the slow-but-steady increase in the pace of things around here every year. Our 2012 was beyond ridiculously busy. “All work and no play makes Kathryn go non-linear.” […]

Last week was ….. interesting.

Being the first full week of January, post holiday, it was time to really dive back into the planning and spreadsheets and calculations to figure out what we had on the immediate horizon for farm production (ie, income production) for 2013. While I had already been working on that stuff prior to last week, I […]

I just have a cell phone and no internet.

Cable is a touchy subject. We did just switch from Time Warner at $80 a month to Dish that is $40. Dh is all on board yet, so I can only cut certain places out. If we can’t go out then we have to have something is his reasoning. We could cut groceries more – […]

We took a cash

funded trip to Denver Thursday-Sunday for business. I ended up spending the whole time in bed sick with the crud. I am still sick and the first available appt. is tomorrow at about 4:00 PM. Now dh is sick. Dh took me to a walk in clinic, but they did nothing to really help. Plus […]

This is my big fear: buying a lemon

So far we’ve been very fortunate, each vehicle was been wonderful. Our last car we searched almost a year for. When we finally found the perfect fit to what we wanted, we were shocked that this particular car was less than we’d been finding from other dealers, and it had more options, brand spanking new […]

You’re normal

It’s hard to part with your hard earned/saved dollars. Every car purchase we’ve made in the past 9 years has been with cash, and I’ve felt sick to my stomach every time we’ve parted with those dollars. It’s emotional. It’s a lot of money and you hope you’re making the right decision. I have to […]

After living on a tight budget for so long

we are FINALLY looking at a better car. We have the money in cash. The expedition we are looking at has a clean carfax and the dealer has a good rating with the BBB. We need the space as we don’t even fit in a minivan anymore. It is even below book value. I gets […]

OK, just play along with my questions..

Have you seriously considered the following? At what age do you begin seriously planning for retirement? At what age do you begin to seriously think about your health in retirement? What if your health deteriorates, what provisions do you have for your care as you get older? I think some people tend to only consider […]

We are 38 and 42

I am a SAHM and DH is self-employed. We have been on Baby Step #2 for 19 months. I believe that Maurice talks about retirement should only be stopped for 18 months. Is that right? Or was it 18-24 months? I can wait another 6 months to start, but I’m not sure we will be […]

If you’re following Maurice’s plan, you save 15%

Why do you feel guilty? Maybe because you know that you are only counting that match into your retirement to justify getting that sunroom a month or so sooner due to the extra you’ll have to throw at that budget item. That you are shortcutting your future finances by taking that extra 3% today for […]

My wife and I

try to do as much as we can with fundraisers so we do put about $200 a yr aside for that for our son and his school. We do not do all of them since they have so many every year. We did stop soccer for the fall and will start up again in the […]

How do you budget for the odd ball expenses?

Examples that we have/ had come up lately. Scout fundraiser, we buy 1 item from each kid roughly 16$ x 2 kids = 32$ (then they sell to the neighbors, friends, etc) School fundraiser, we let them pick 1 item each so they can attend the magic show, 15$ x 2 = 30$ (this year […]

You’re welcome

Every time I read that you aren’t current on the taxes and licenses, I worry about you. I know from reading your posts and your sig line that you have little ones, and I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you, especially while you have them in the car with you.

If you have a cards with a $500 or less

the min payment it $15 or higher, more than the 3 or 4 % of the balance. so if you have 4 cards with $100 balance on it, the min payment will be at least $15 (15% payment) that is a min payment of $60 where as one card with $400 balance will have a […]